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If you’re like a lot of people who “dream” about starting a business, you have an idea for a minute. Having too much information and sites like this one is like standing in line at the bakery.

It’s far too easy to see what someone else is doing, what kind of success seems to come from different businesses, and chase the next-best-thing while never really getting anything off the ground.

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I know. I’ve been there. And normally feel like I’m still there. In fact, I started this website back in 2001 (2002?) while I was searching the internet for business ideas. Instead, what ended up happening is while I was looking for business ideas and doing all the writing for, I found something I really enjoyed…

Writing! (Refer: Should You Still Become A copywriter)

Now, I also started other businesses, a couple that had little to do with writing. But I always found a way to get my writing in for those businesses, because as you will be as a business owner — you become the marketer (writing your own ad copy) the customer service person (writing emails that are clear and intelligent), a content developer (writing articles to show your expertise) and even writing the words for your website.

So the thing is, once you start doing, you start finding.

Instead of always reading and searching and sniffing (not tasting) the latest baked business idea, go ahead and bake your own. Even if you just dabble, it WILL lead you to find something you really love.