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Thank you for your interest in writing as a guest on Below, you will find all the information needed to know before guest posting on After you’ve read everything, you can sign up as a guest author. offers a variety of open topics for discussion, blogging, making money online, Internet marketing, interviews, coding tips, SEO, traffic building ideas and more. The list of topics that are discussed at are huge. We post on to help others get the correct knowledge they need to succeed online. If you have any fresh new ideas that you would like to contribute, I’m positive readers at are dieing to hear them.

Posting rules + guidelines
Here are a list of rules and guidelines compiled for you to better understand what to be aware of while writing for The guidelines are here to save you time and to stop you from making any wrong mistakes. I have done our best to give all the clarifications possible to help you. If you are still confused after reading this guideline, feel free to contact me.

Post length + formatting
The length of a post should be over 600 words – In a situation where your article does not reach 600+ words please do not try to cram it with spammy un-related content to try to meet the limit. If your post is clear + concise and get’s to the point, it will be accepted.

You are entitled to upload a few images to your post, make sure they are in .jpg or .png form. If you have any trouble uploading images to your post contact me prior to your post upload and I’ll do it for you.

We use styles to help our readers parse information, and learning those styles can be quite a task. For this reason, we have just a few simple guidelines that you must adhere to. We’ll handle the rest:

All images should be less than 600px wide. You may link to larger images (Be sure to attach the larger images instead of using external links)
If you choose to use videos in your submission, please send the video with your post so we may upload it ourselves

Use H3’s to separate steps.
Formatting your posts is an important role when writing a quality post. Using tags such as h1-h5, blockquotes, bold/italic are important to have in your posts. It helps readers determine the main points and understand important parts of the post.

Illegal content, images, language, discrimination and copied content
Under no circumstances do I allow any of the following to be displayed on The blog. This blog is a family friendly blog that is suitable for all ages and audiences. Depending on the severity of your post regarding any of the above stated, you may possibly be banned from The blog.

Illegal content: Under no circumstances are you allowed to display content that is not owned by your or claim ownership for content not owned by you.

Images: Please do not display images that are copyrighted. If you display an image, please make sure it is suitable for all audiences.

Discrimination: readers are of all ethnicity’s, please do not discriminate other in your posts with racial slurs, comments or anything else.

Copied content: All content must be 100% unique. The content and articles you write for must be unique for and nowhere else.

Language: It is important to express yourself as much as possible. It makes your posts unique. Please limit the amount of “inappropriate” language you use in articles.

Unique posts + grammar
Keep your posts unique. The way you write your posts delivers a reflection upon yourself as a blogger. Please do not discourage other bloggers, give bad comments about others product.

I’m not looking for a “writing guru” few people are. When writing your posts I ask that you proofread your work and try to correct any errors. If your post has many amounts of mistakes, it will be declined for public viewing.

Rewards for guest posting
To keep you motivated and writing with, I have some rewards for my writers. The more posts you write at the more credibility and exposure you will receive.

Here are some of the rewards you receive:

A link to your blog, website, or whatever website you choose
A short bio introducing you to the community
An epic URL to display all your posts, example:
Allowed to display 3 links in your bio
Here is an example of your Author bio

Author Bio

By default you will be set as a “subscriber” on the blog. If you’re interested in writing for us please use the contact form below after you signed up.

Please include:

Your username
Your author bio
Website link + twitter link (Optional)