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Running out of Kids Halloween Costume Ideas? Ever end up in the store at the last minute settling for whatever Halloween costume is left on the shelf? If those two sentences describe you, then let me provide some examples of cheap, and easy kids Halloween costume ideas. My top five kids Halloween Costume ideas for 2009 range from effectiveness and ease.

kids halloween

1. Homeless Person
2. The Infamous Ghost
3. Basket Ball Player
4. Chef or Baker
5. Vampire

1. Using the Homeless Person kids Halloween costume idea can bridge the gap of thriftiness and generosity. If worn correctly this kids Halloween costume idea can generate an actual income in addition to candy. It can also be worn year round to extend the fruitfulness of civilian charity. Who doesn’t feel sorry for a homeless person? If you don’t, you have a cold heart. Dues to the increased probability and survivability, this kids Halloween costume idea ranks number one for 2009.

2. The Infamous Ghost ranked number two on the list of kids Halloween costume ideas, because of it’s originality and longevity. not originality in the sense of never seeing the costume before, but originality, but originality in the fact that someone way back when came up with the idea of throwing a sheet over their head, and it continues to be a yearly kids Halloween costume idea hit.

3. Becoming a Basket Ball player for Halloween is easy and cheap. This kids Halloween costume idea only requires five main articles. A tank top, a marker, long shorts, a scrunchy, and a Basket Ball. Use the marker and have your child pick their favorite number, and viola they’re in the NBA

4. Another one of the inexpensive classic kids Halloween costume ideas is the baker/chef. An apron, or white sheet turned into an apron, a paper chefs hat, and some flour slapped on the face completes this ensemble for less than the cost of the flour itself. if you really want to make this kids Halloween costume idea great, hand your child a spatchula or rolling pin, and wallah it’s Emeril time.


5. Last but not least on the cheap kids Halloween costume ideas list is the 2009 vampire. Yes, the vampire is a classic, but this year there is no need to dish out cold hard cash for the overbearing count costume. Fortunately, for us thrifty costume shoppers, movies like Twilight have transformed the traditional vampire into simple and sheik. Have your kid put on some black pants and a black button shirt, gel up their hair, slap on some white face paint, and compliment with dollar vampire teeth. Look out Dracula, you’re fancy garb is outdated with the release of these inexpensive 2009 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas!